Přednáška ARCHIP: Ole Møystad – |UMWELT!|

COOPLANNING series: continues on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 7.00PM with the lecture "UMWELT!" held by Norwegian architect Ole Møystad from STUDIO hp (www.studiohp.as). We look forward to seeing you at ARCHIP, Františka Křížka 1, Prague 7 – Letná, free admission.

STUDIO hp was established in 2008 by Hattie Pisters and Ole Møystad. In its projects, STUDIO hp adresses issues of urban form and urban growth by combining landscape planning and urban planning methods.

Theme of the Lecture:
80% of the population in Norway lives in small to medium large urban agglomerations along the 28 953 km long coastline. 90% of the population growth in Norway currently takes place on this urban strip, a base of an architectural UMWELT, wedged between the ocean and the mountains. In order to live with and off this natural setting, an intricate play between architecture, landscape and technology is required. The result is not merely a Mumfordian "fact in nature"- city, but a landscape of
cliffs, cows and culture, of built objects, infrastructure and economics. A field of architecture.


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